Online Reputaion Management

Online Reputation Management

Most commonly abbreviated as ORM referred to as the process of monitoring web content on internet and major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing and to take appropriate action if anything offensive, bad reviews found on web posted against Brand, Services, Product or a person.

"Positive or neutral online reputation has become a vital need of every successful online business."


Basic ORM mechanism involves the key activities to supress the offensive stuff available on internet and major search engine result pages (SERPs). The offensive content is pushed down with the help of positive and neutral content.

Our team of ORM specialists has developed vital and unique strategy with the help of their hard earned several year experiences that help our clients to enjoy clean and positive online reputation for themselves, their business, products and services.

Who need ORM?

Nowadays, every customer before buying product, services from any online company or individual they would like to have a quick survey about the current reputation of same company or person. If you have bad comments posted on web against your business, product, Brand or individual then these offensive comments can become the potential reason to drop your online business sales.

Any company, popular products, well known person, and services can experience bad reputation from any customer they are serving to. No Company or individual can keep every person happy, satisfied and positive about their product or services. One bad customer can tarnish your hard earned several years' reputation in minutes by posting offensive reviews, comments on high authority Scam alert, local news, Rip-off and crime reporting websites.

Search engines offers lots of credit to these high authority websites and these offensive comments starts popping up on the first page of Google and other major search engines and they can defame a person, can ruin your company's reputation and that can have significant effect on your business sales.

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